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Hi, I’m Alex and I’m the founder of Well Propelled. You’ll be working directly with me during your performance coaching experience. 

So long as you want to grow personally then I'll be able to help you. I'll challenge your views, assumptions, and thought processes. Because this is what you need in order to develop. You can also expect me to operate totally in line with your personal values, not mine. 

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With a background in business, psychology, and performance coaching, I’ve worked around the globe consulting with major organizations in the areas of organizational growth, change, and leadership.


Working and coaching people in different cultures, means that I get people “unstuck” with ease. Sometimes, we become so conditioned to what we’re used to, it can be hard to see solutions and practice innovative thinking. Both of which are essential for your success and happiness.


I don’t expect you to know ‘everything’, in fact, I’d be rather alarmed if you told me that you did! I’ll work with you based on where you’re currently at, and together you’ll do amazing things. 

Upon returning to Australia, I started my first company, a solo private practice. But I wasn’t solo for long. Soon I’d grown the business into thriving group psychology practice, which was known throughout the region as the place to go for all workplace issues.

Having created a significant financial opportunity with my business profit, I then founded two additional companies.

In addition to my own business experience, my board experience has been focused on improving the health, wellness, and outcomes of niche populations.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and forever learning about how I can best help you live the life you want and how you can generate more impact - to yourself and also those around you. 

While you’ll hear me speak with a ‘funny Aussie accent’ I call sunny and outdoorsy Colorado (USA) home. In my downtime, you’ll find me camping with my little human and partner, hiking, and snowboarding (and trying to not axe myself). 

I'm looking forward to connecting with you. 

 Alex Whitehead

Experienced Performance Coach 3 x Business Owner
MBA | BSc(Psychology) | PGDip(Psychology)

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