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Live your dream life starting now

with guidance from practitioner, performance coach, and entrepreneur Alexandra Whitehead

An online coaching practice for people who want to thrive and work towards something incredibly meaningful

Feeling lost and unsure about what your next steps are? 
Maybe even feeling like you keep going around in circles?

Well, I'm convinced I can help because I've helped over 1000 people just like you.
Take your next steps with confidence. Find meaning, purpose and live your dream life - starting today.


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Be Psyched is now Well Propelled, an online coaching practice. 
All services are provided by Alexandra Whitehead MBA, PGDip(Psych), BSc 

What can I expect?

Feeling uncertain about your future, and wondering when or how things are going to change can be a bit anxiety-provoking. And that's the best-case scenario. At worst, this looks like sabotaging relationships at work and home and losing interest in activities you're previously loved engaging in.  If this is you, breathe, and know that support is literally a click away.  

Actively engaging in the coaching process is an experiential journey. You're able to change your life, your attitudes, your beliefs about yourself and others. You're able to find freedom and joy - while not being reliant on others to provide this for you.


Whom will I be working with?

I'm Alexandra Whitehead. I have a background in psychology and I'm also a career and leadership coach.

With a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and having worked in five countries I have a unique perspective that helps to fast track progress with my clients. To date, I've helped over 1000 people find more meaning in life and make better, sometimes life-changing decisions, that lead to more freedom and happiness.





All services are provided online, via Zoom video. This means you have more flexibility with consultation times and days. See me before work, during your lunch break, or even on your weekend if that floats your boat. You can book in directly here. Just choose a time that suits you best!

And if you need to contact me, you can email me directly by using the contact form.


Who is this for?

With our schedules being so busy these days, it’s hard to find the time to stop and examine where aspects of our lives can grow for the better. We can become so focused on just keeping on-going, despite the feeling that some areas of our lives are not quite right or the best they can be.

Over time, we can ignore those signs and before you know it, the situation has grown much bigger. I'm glad you're here right now reading this. It means you're ready to explore your life with professional guidance. 

I have a comprehensive understanding of how people work. This means we can help you overcome mental barriers to change, respectfully, and with intention. I'll help you develop greater self-insight which can result in dramatic changes that are empowering and life-changing. 

This is for you if you're motivated to change. And if you believe that results come from taking the right action. 

Given the online nature of this coaching practice, this is suitable for people who enjoy flexibility and who have a relatively stable internet connection. 

Who is this not for?

Nothing changes unless you do. So, if you're not quite ready to own your own stuff, or if you're stuck blaming others for all of life's curveballs, I may not be able to help you just yet. I invite you to email me to explain your issue and what you'd like help with, and I'll tell you if we're a good fit. 

Despite how awesome it would be, I don't have a magic wand to make your problems disappear immediately. Most people see me for a minimum of six sessions and do a considerable amount of internal work to reach their goals. You won't know that you're ready for this. But, you will know that you're ready to give it a try. I hope to see you soon.


Transform your life, and find joy and freedom just like my clients have: 



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