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Feel like you're not getting anywhere? Repeating the same actions you know aren’t working for you? I can help you develop the amazing life you've been dreaming of.

It’s time to feel free, and know exactly what you want from yourself. 

It’s time to stop that critical voice inside you that prevents you from being your best self. 
Performance coaching and life coaching will allow you to discover new possibilities because you’ll be developing incredible clarity into yourself, your relationships, and your behaviors. 

If you're a college student or university student who wants to: 


  • Become more comfortable in who you are

  • Make better decisions (that even your parents will approve of)

  • Get a relieving sense of clarity over where you want your life to go, and

  • Perform at the level you know you can, without the stress and overwhelm,


Then you probably already know that the fastest way to get there is with expert support and guidance. 


And because you’ve been experiencing the same old problems for a while now, you are SO ready to ditch the stuff that hasn’t been working for you and level up, asap. 

I can tell you, that you're in the right place.

Even though living our best life, having great relationships, and have a massive positive impact on those around us is a COMPLETE NO BRAINER, the process involved in learning how to do this and then living by that, is ANYTHING BUT 

College Students in Corridor

I want to level up my personal game so I can have an awesome life, but where on earth do I start?

You might have tried listening to podcasts, spent way too much money in the self-help section of the bookstore (okay, Amazon), and you might have even visited the college counselor. But it hasn’t worked!


Nothing much has changed. You don’t have much to show for all these efforts, even though you wished you did.  


And here’s why. Without someone to keep us truly accountable we fall back into our old habits FAST. Even when we logically know that those old habits are doing us no favors. 


The fastest way to get results is by working with someone who:

  • Has done it all before

  • Is invested in you and who wants to see you do well 

  • Uses a tried and tested approach that gets sustainable results


Using this approach, I’ve helped hundreds of people become unstuck. They’ve been able to successfully fast track there personal growth and choose to have a far happier and meaningful life without the BS (including their own BS!).


Performance Coaching for College Students

With Alexandra Whitehead

Remove your own shackles, feel free and breath easy, and know exactly what you’re aiming for with performance coaching. Stay on track and reach the right goals, without the uncertainty and overwhelm.

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In the coaching game for over a decade

I’ve been in the performance coaching, psychology and therapy game for over a decade and I've helped over 1000 people just like you, to, first of all, realize their dreams, and then achieve them, all while addressing some interesting self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors. Being a 3 x business owner, and entrepreneur at heart, I’ve been there too and practice exactly what I teach you. 


Performance coaching and life coaching for College Students is way more than just a couple of coaching sessions. It’s an eye-opening, fulfilling, and relieving experience that helps you become your own mini-version of a performance coach. The skills you learn right now will help you over your entire lifetime. 


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Or, schedule a meet and greet video call with Alexandra, prior to buying the Performance Coaching Program for College Students.

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You’re Backed by a Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee


Let me be clear.


Performance Coaching with Well Propelled is an incredibly comprehensive experience for college students who are excited and COMMITTED to finding clarity and living in line with their best selves. 


My clients are motivated and dedicated to improving their own self-insight, and they accept responsibility for their current outcomes. When you embark on performance coaching, you will further your own self-development in leaps and bounds. 


Now here’s the kicker.


Within 14 days from the date of your purchase, you’ll likely have received two performance coaching sessions with me. 


Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to validate your coachee experience. You’ll likely be making some serious progress already. 


If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by your experience (and your ability to take the actions you need to take to positively impact your life), simply reach out within 14 days from the onset of coaching, show me you’ve put in the work with no positive results, and you'll receive money back on services unrendered. Full details here.

Alexandra and her businesses have been featured on:

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