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Ever been ghosted? How to talk about anxiety with your team

Ever been ghosted? Or are you ghosting people? Sometimes that’s all to do with anxiety.

If you’re the boss - even if you only have one other person in your team, part of your role as a decent leader is to practice “radical candor” – exec summary: caring purposefully about someone (which can be learned if you’re not ‘a natural’) + challenging that someone directly.

If you practice this, instead of having a difficult conversation it becomes at worst awkward, and at best empathetic yet still results orientated. If you notice that someone is anxious – you can work through it with them.

Employee wellness programs are great but are MUCH more effective if leaders truly care about the people that work with them. If you're at the top of your company structure, then you'll also want to create this culture with your surrounding colleagues. This will help keep you sane, them sane, and your respect for each other and ability to perform will filter down.

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