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Wild expectations? Money, and change

Weird times eh?

I’ve been doing well. Even being cooped up inside for two weeks now. I’m still getting my social fix via Zoom meetings.

I’ve been rapidly learning how to home preschool. And working through how to do teacher split shifts with my husband. So far, I’ve learned that teachers need to be paid way more.

Here’s what I’ve been hearing from you:

Expectations are varying wildly.

Some of you are performing serious homeschooling. And somehow managing to stay on top of your work or uni studies.

Some of you are treating being homebound like school holidays where kids have free range most of the time. And of course, there’s those of you in the middle.

Tip: Manage your energy and change your behaviors if the route you’ve chosen isn’t working. The only person judging you is you.

Your kid isn’t going to say to you as an adult “hey, on Fridays during that pandemic, you just neglected me and let me watch Netflix all day long”.


Is at the forefront of your mind. Do I have enough? Will I need to rely on government funds at some point? What expenses can I cut down? How long is this going to go on for?

Tip: Focus on what you can control. Yes, you can cut back on subscriptions to save some cash. You don’t, however, know how long we’re going to be in this situation. So, do what you can, and feel a little bit better.


Over 80% of people hate change. Most people will actively avoid it. They bury their heads in the sand until they’re forced to merge back into reality.

This is what we just saw at those packed beaches. People trying their best to believe that everything is staying the same. It’s not. We’re in a pandemic.

Tip: Again, focus on what you can control. You can control your decision to stay at home. To stay 6ft away from others if you must go out. If you’re doing this, then you’re doing your part, and that’s all you can do folks.

I know last week I was checking the news a few times a day. And then I realized that it’s just going to continue saying the same thing. “The pandemic is bad, it’s getting worse, people aren’t listening”.

As we now know, reading that and seeing that repeatedly isn’t helpful at all if we’ve already committed to doing the right thing for humanity.

So with that in mind, focus on connecting with people you like (from home, using video or just simply having a chat on a phone). Maybe you’ll read those books that have been sitting on your table for the last 12 months. Maybe you’ll binge watch that series. That choice is yours.

Let me know how you're doing?

- Alex

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